Data Access Governance



Background – Investment Management Company

An Investment Management Company engaged Anomalix to develop a comprehensive solution for managing user access to its unstructured data. Much of Client’s sensitive data was spread out amongst multiple disparate file shares, SharePoint sites, and databases. They lacked visibility into who could access the information. This made compiling compliance information for auditors both time consuming and error-prone. The client needed a way to quickly and comprehensively obtain visibility into who had access to data at the file share, document repository, OS, database, and application levels. 

How We Helped

Anomalix worked with Client to access their current identity and access management environment and developed a plan to centralize their ability to manage user access to sensitive data. We worked to create seamless views into user access across multiple architectural layers. Additionally, we implemented a Data Access Governance capability that scanned file shares, SharePoint sites, and local OS accounts and groups. These scans complied data into a single interface and gave Client the ability to view comprehensive information on use access to unstructured data. It also allowed them to rapidly produce user access reviews and reports when required for audit purposes.

End Result

  • Implemented and Access Compliance solution with a centralized view into user access.
  • Implemented A Data Access Governance solution that collected permissions from file shares, SharePoint sites, and local OS accounts and groups.
  • Consolidated complex extracts of user access data across multiple architectural layers into easy to understand views.
  • Generated user access reviews to structured and unstructured data.